It's been 1 year since Laibah joined Standing Space

October 30, 2019

It’s been 1 year since Laibah joined the Standing Space team. As a graduate she was a fresh Interior designer with no previous industry experience so there was a lot to learn. Over the past year she’s been involved in a whirlwind of different projects from large commercial office designs and Co-working spaces to Dessert parlours and coffee shops.


We asked Laibah to tell us a little bit about her experience over the past year at standing space, this is what she had to say;

“After graduation I remember sitting down and thinking what do I do next?! It was a scary feeling not knowing what was around the corner, however after joining the Standing Space team as an interior designer everything started to fall in to place.

My 3 years at University as an interior design student were full of amazing experiences, however the past year at Standing space has been a whole new adventure, It’s been incredible!
I remember not being able to have conversations with people I didn’t know, but working in a socially active environment, It’s made me so much more confident.

I’ve learnt an extensive range of new skills and have been able to improve the skills learned at University, I’ve learned to use new software and have gained invaluable technical knowledge, but most of all this past year has taught me to love what I do, It’s taught me to be ambitious and motivated me to succeed in my career as an Interior Designer.”