Happy 4 years to Standing Space

December 14, 2019

Standing Space Ltd in Warrington celebrates its 4th year of hard work and dedication as part of the Interior design and Architectural industry.

We’ve worked on some incredible projects over the past year and have seen some wonderful completed outcomes such as Digital Bridge a large commercial office design in Manchester Science Park (MSP), MJAYS Dessert parlour, The Outset co-working space and coffee shop, Hoover Candy and many more. 

Aerial view 14.01.2020.jpg

Aerial 3D view of Digital Bridge, Manchester

Science Park (MSP)

As a design firm we know there’s always room for improvement so this year we took a step back and looked over elements we felt needed developing. Our 3D modelling in sketchUp was one of them, as a team, we reviewed our work and decided to make some improvements. Standing Space now deliver our clients with bigger and better computer generated 3D images of their space, this has assisted many clients with their design ideas and has helped to save a considerable amount of money when taking the design to site. We intend to continue improving our services over the next year to create head turning Interiors for our clients. 

Standing Space are extremely proud of what we have achieved this year and are committed to creating spaces that exceed expectations.