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The Outset, coworking space in Warrington, after interior design & project management of space by Standing Space design practice

Could you unlock the power of great interior design?

We believe the key to this is spaces that are uplifting, yet functional.


They need to look great - but they also need to work for your needs.

With our interior design service, we take the time to understand what you want to achieve - from the look and feel to what you use the space for.

We take into account evolving trends, practicalities and things like your company image, workplace culture and industry style.

Floor space plan by Standing Space interior designers & architects in Warrigton

Struggling to fit everything (and everyone) in your office?

Or, are you moving to bigger premises and want to make sure you really get it right as your business grows?

Whatever it is, when it comes to organising your floor space, we can help you get it right.

From storage inventories to showing you how furniture and equipment can be set up, we focus on giving you a practical space - that has good ergonomics and can stand the test of time.


Perfect for growing businesses.

Office fit out and interior design by Standing Space interior designers and architects in Warrington

Does your office space work for you?

When this question is asked, many businesses know that with some changes they can do a lot better.


Even increase productivity, improve employee retention and increase profits.

Our fit-out service can be a full design & procurement service - meaning we help you visualise your space, get it down on paper and then, make it happen.

From sourcing office desks to designing company-branded graphics, we create a commercial space that works hard for your business.

Furniture sourcing by Standing space office and commercial interior designers in Warrington

Do you know what furniture is best for your space?

There are so many options out there.

Don’t worry if you're not sure - we can help you sift through and invest in furniture that best meets your needs and improves your space.

We consider all the important factors when it comes to furniture procurement.

From ergonomics to durability, cost-effectiveness, supplier reliability and task suitability we make sure you make the right furniture decision.

kitchen in commercial space by Standing Space in Warrington - interior designers & architects

What does your space offer to tenants?

Or, what can it offer potential tenants?

As a landlord, your property is an investment and you want it to be as profitable as it can be.

Our landlord & tenants service shows you how to design a space that attracts both good tenants and higher rental income.

Furthermore, we can help you with schedules of dilapidations, records of condition, preparation of plans for licences.

office interior design by Standing Space in Warrington - reception area white style
building refurbs

Could your space be improved?

Sometimes it’s just that your space could be better.

From more desk space to creating an ambiance that's right for your employees - or even, clients.


Our refurbishment service helps you achieve a better environment in your building.


To your budget, timescale and with minimal disruption to day-to-day workplace life.


You can select the level of interior design & architecture support you need - from full-service concept to completion… or even, just the initial idea stage.

Overall, we are proud to be flexible - because we know that what you need won’t necessarily be the same as what someone else needs.


We are interior designers & architects based in Warrington - but our services extend throughout the North West, the Midlands and the Pennines.

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