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Working From Home

January 2021

Meeting with clients, Site surveys, Picking finishes with colleagues or just sitting down together for a team lunch are some of the things we’re missing whilst working from home. Although it had been a little difficult for Standing Space to adapt to this new method of working we have definitely adjusted and learnt the best techniques to cope with this transition over time. Read our previous blog for useful tips whilst working from home.

Video calls, virtual hugs and lunch time walks are now the new norm and as much as we love being in the office, working from home isn’t so bad after all.


Here is what team members from Standing Space have to say about their experiences of working from home:

Jess Standing, Director

Jess Standing


  • More time enjoying the birds in our garden

  • Less time spent traveling

  • Enjoyable daily walks (Our dogs are loving this too)

  • Reviewing ways of working to allow for our fragmented covid-19 community


  • Missing the company of colleagues and clients

  • The routine of the office

  • Missing going out to restaurants, meeting people & looking at spaces

Lessons Learnt

  • The importance of face to face contact in our daily lives via Teams/Zoom/Whatsapp/Facetime, rather than just a phonecall or email

  • How to complete a presentation for a new project without human contact, over teams

  • Make the effort to check on neighbours wellbeing and assist were possible

Peter Standing, Director

Peter Standing


  • Reading time

  • Family time, Talking to daughter hiding from university during covid-19

  • Enjoyable daily walks


  • Lack of routine

  • The ‘Manyana’ feeling

  • Missing experiencing places, buildings and landscapes

Lessons Learnt

  • Ones world can be very small

  • Proficiency in Microsoft teams

  • Enjoying the details on our door step

Laibah Malik, Interior Designer 

Laibah Malik


  • Enjoying valuable time with family

  • Don’t have to travel to work everyday (saves time and money)

  • Opportunity for self development

  • Cozy clothes and custom working environment


  • Miss going to meetings, Client interaction and site surveying

  • Office lunch with colleagues 

Lessons Learnt

  • The art of balancing work life alongside personal life 

  • Every available opportunity should be explored as no one knows what could happen tomorrow 

  • Small kind gestures have a huge impact on peoples wellbeing

We are all hopeful that 2021 will have positive effects on all businesses

so if you have any queries on how you can make your workspaces safe, exciting and ready for the big return drop us an email and we’ll get back to you with the best advice and design ideas.

For the time being, we’d love to know how you’re finding working from home and the lesson you’ve learnt over the past year. You can contact us via email,phone or social media and lets get the conversation started.

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