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Consensus Workspace







1300 sqft




Project Overview

Consensus Workplace, a contractor specialising in fit-out and refurbishment, moved to new premises in Altrincham. They wanted their new space to be unique and not look like a typical office. Our team was there to design and create an innovative and impressive workspace that everyone would love.

We started by creating a large worktable in the middle of the office, where everyone would work together. This allowed us to use the remaining spaces as agile and collaborative areas.


We also installed a people-centered kitchen with comfortable seating and an interactive pool table to promote a relaxed atmosphere. The meeting room is a modern heritage enclave with a bold color scheme, providing a striking contrast. The result is an office design that stands out and is sure to be remembered.

Services Provided 

  • Space Planning 

  • Design Concepts

  • 3D Design Proposals 

  • Construction Drawing Pack 

Design Challenges 

The open plan office needed to have dedicated zones - refreshments, lounge, work social and meeting spaces. The different areas were designed to flow seamlessly from one to another. 

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