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LD24 Coffee Shop




Coffee Shop


1,200 sqft


Stockton Heath

Project Overview


Before boutique Coffee Houses had reached this Warrington village our client had spotted an opportunity to repurpose an existing restaurant, itself originally part of a 19th Century row of cottages.

The owners of LD24 are coffee aficionados who, living in Warrington, saw that the distances to travel for quality coffee were excessive. Standing Space was commissioned to prepare a scheme to create a character-filled coffee-drinking location. The existing interior was largely taken back to exposed brickwork, which was itself a challenging operation due to the walls having been densely rendered. Alterations were made to the 1st-floor stairway access to make it as hazard-free as practical. Otherwise, as little as possible was done to the existing structure. This was a limited-budget project to create a welcoming space that customers would become fond of with a graphic logo to remember.

The coffee shop was designed to make sure you want to come back again and again. An interior design project we're truly proud of. 


Building History

The building originally served as a former coffee shop. 

Brand History 

LD24 is a revolutionary brand for a small chain of specialised coffee shops. Their coffee is crafted to create the finest experience for customers to enjoy and relax. 

Services Provided 

  • Design 

  • Planning Consent 

  • Contract Placing 

  • Project Management 

Design Challenges 

The team faced a challenge in remodeling the 200-year-old building, as it had undergone many changes over the years. Our main focus was on providing extra safety to the customers and staff who were using the 1st floor, which required us to remodel the original staircase.

Client Testimonial 

"Fantastic service, attention to detail and advice from Standing Space. Can’t thank them enough for getting LD24 off the mark. We have had tremendous feedback regarding design and furniture since opening, our customers are very comfortable here. Pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend."

Joe Mullarkey - Director

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