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Expert Office Space Planning   

Office Space planning is a crucial part of any office relocation or refurbishment process, it allows you to maximise your available space and can work well with workplace consultancy. Planning out how the building will be used can help workflow, promote collaborative and agile working and reduce noise levels where needed or reduce smells created at break & lunch times from the kitchen. More importantly it allows a business to fully understand how the work environment will be used, will the furniture fit, and what adaptions will be needed (if any) to accommodate any technology or power requirements. Naturally as experienced interior architects Standing Space will always look to design with cost and buildability in mind without compromising on the overall look and feel. The best way to limit extensive fit-out costs is to undertake expert office space planning where possible we will work with the existing mechanical & electrical systems and make slight changes or adjustments.

The benefits of Office Space Planning

  1. Promote collaborative working & enhance communication between departments & team members.

  2. Let your visiting customers see the working parts of your business you want them to see and not the sensitive data you don’t.

  3. Reduce wasted floor space, make every inch of your office work for you.

  4. Futureproof your office to accommodate the growth of the business.

  5. Promote brand, culture, wellbeing and efficiency through design.  

The Importance of Office Space Planning

  1. As you can imagine no 2 buildings are ever the same, the square footage may represent the same however, when one building has corridors, pillars, and awkward corners as well as poor circulation this can significantly reduce the overall usable footprint. During an office relocation its key that a business is fully informed of the pros and cons before leasing an office space. Committing to an office space purely on the size before undertaking any office space planning can be costly, moreover it can impact the business for the length of the lease (typically 5-10 years).

  1. Examples of Office space planning on a typical 5,000 sqft office space

  2.                                 Preferred Location                 Rent               Usable floor space                     Fit-Out Cost

  3. Office Space A                 3                                   £28 sqft                 4,400sqft                                £160k              

  4. Office Space B                 2                                   £30 sqft                 4,600sqft                                 £120k

  5. Office Space C                 1                                   £32 sqft                 4,800sqft                                 £100k

  6. The above demonstrates some of the factors taken in to consideration when choosing the right office space and the importance of office space planning. With office A being the lowest rent, yet requiring more expenditure on the fit-out, whilst office C is the preferred location ad more on the rent psft, but through design requires less capital expenditure. Undertaking professional office space planning is crucial in understanding the true cost of an office refurbishment or relocation.

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