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Vernon Building Society






3,300 sqft




Project Overview

The Vernon Building Society in Stockport invited Standing Space, with the exciting challenge of redesigning their Headquarters to create a stand out destination. Our goal was to create a space that seamlessly blended functionality with aesthetics, whilst showcasing their company values and brand. We incorporated a thoughtful mix of soft seating, private meeting rooms, cash desks and community spaces with a tea point and breakout space. Through strategic colour choices and branded accents, we not only transformed the physical environment but also effectively showcased the Vernon Building Society's identity and heritage, leaving long-lasting impressions on visitors and staff.  


Brand History

Established in 1924, the Vernon Building Society has been a pillar of Stockport's community. Named after Lord Vernon, it steadily expanded, opening branches in neighbouring areas. Embracing innovation, it renovated its headquarters and rebranded in 2019. Vernon stands as Stockport's last remaining local Building Society among the original thirteen.

Services Provided 

  • Space Planning 

  • Design Concepts

  • 3D Design Proposals 

  • Construction Drawing Pack 

  • Furniture & Finishes Specifications 

Design Challenges 


The design team had to optimise the layout to accommodate the diverse needs of the space, balancing functional areas like private meeting rooms and cash desks with communal spaces for events and interaction. Additionally, integrating the company's branding colours into the design required meticulous attention to detail to ensure cohesiveness and authenticity. Overcoming these challenges allowed the interior design team to be creative, flexible and collaborative to ensure the brief was met. 

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