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3,900 sqft




Project Overview


The team worked with Vestas to design a space that enhanced professionalism and inspired clients. This project was a great example of creating a workplace interior that connected to the business brand. We enhanced the brand colours by using softer tones and wood textures alongside the corporate colour palette. This corporate interiors project re-used the cellular spaces already in place, adapting them to suit the agreed layout, and adding new manifestation to glazing partitioning. Additional spaces, such as the breakout room, were also constructed.


To finish the project, we coordinated the supply and installation of new office furniture, which included some beautiful bespoke furniture pieces for an overall stand-out workplace design.


Building History

The building was built in 2007, with nine floors for the purpose of a mixed use occupancy for residential spaces, office environments and restaurants.

Brand History 

Vestas was founded in 1945. It began as a small blacksmith shop in Denmark and has since evolved into a global leader in wind turbine technology. With a relentless commitment to sustainability and innovation, Vestas has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in renewable energy. For decades, Vestas has been at the forefront of wind turbine design and manufacturing, setting the standard for eco-friendly energy solutions.

Services Provided 

  • Space planning 

  • Design Concepts

  • 3D Design Proposals 

  • Scottish Building Warrant Obtained

  • Contract Documents

  • Project Management

  • Coordinating office move from existing to new 

Design Challenges 

This project had a short timeframe and the team worked alongside all parties to strip and fit out the space as it needed to be operational within 2 months. The result is a fully functional, meticulously designed office that is ready to serve its purpose, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and excellence in every project we undertake.

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