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Workplace Consultancy – With Standing Space

The need for workplace Consultancy has never been more relevant, it helps you understand how you use your business space, how to maximise performance and account for future growth ensuring every inch of your office space has a purpose, your brand and culture are prominent and takes into consideration flexibility and resilience. Through our workplace consultancy we can get under the bonnet of your business, the processes and identify your bottle necks and design a workspace that allows your people to flourish and produce their best work. During our workplace analysis process (WAP) we look at the individual areas of the workplace and assess how well (or not so well) it works. We consider the teams that need to work directly alongside one another and determine the factors that matter such as agile break out areas for individual projects without compromising the other areas of the business. We all know space is at a premium, so striking the right balance between permanently full or permanently vacant meeting space can be a costly mistake in either event.

Identify Your True Spatial Requirements with Workplace Consultancy  

Understanding your genuine spatial need is where any business can save time and money. The workplace has evolved over recent years and global events with remote working, hybrid roles and the everyday commuters, we simply don’t use our office space like we used too. It can be a costly mistake taking occupation of a building that’s never used to its capacity, or one that’s too small for your operation. Simply put 100 staff doesn’t necessarily mean 100 desks. Workplace consultancy can help you map out the days/hours your teams need to use the space to collaborate and maximise their output, putting more on your bottom line. We ensure ever inch of your office space is designed to produce a ROI.

Identify Your True Spatial Requirements with Workplace Consultancy  

We use data driven information from the (WAP), identify your true requirements and adopt a design that works for your business, teams, and people. Through design we promote your brand, culture, and naturally implement workplace change seamlessly that inspire your workforce to perform at their best. As well as determining the right size requirement, our workplace consultancy will work directly with the design and ensure that your current or proposed building is fit for purpose. We look at the building as a whole and its current services. We work our office design alongside the existing services to keep the fit-out costs to a minimum where possible and offer honest advice on ways to value engineer. This is of particular importance when considering an office relocation, we look at all options available and offer impartial advice on the design and fit-out.

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