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196 Deansgate, Common Parts



Commercial Estates





1,100 sqft



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Project Overview


Commercial Estates Group Limited (CEG) approached Standing Space to refurbish the existing toilet blocks in 196, a grade II listed building. The objective was to create a hotel-style boutique feel in the restrooms while retaining the toilet cubicles and WCs. Standing Space provided several design options, and CEG chose their preferred solution. The company then developed a full interior design package for the space.

This interior design project showcases how beautiful and functional restrooms can be achieved by upgrading specific parts instead of undertaking a full refurbishment that may be budget-busting.


Building History

The Grade 2 Edwardian listed building, which was introduced in 1908 as the Royal London Friendly Society, holds a unique historical significance. The Royal London Buildings were erected as part of a facade of respectability, strategically designed to conceal one of the most impoverished districts in Manchester—the region nestled between Deansgate and the River Irwell. This building not only serves as a testament to the architectural heritage of its time but also reflects the contrasting facets of Manchester's history, where opulence and need existed side by side.

Services Provided 

  • Space Planning 

  • Design Concepts

  • 3D Design Proposals

  • Construction Drawing Pack 

Design Challenges 

One of the challenges faced by Standing Space was selecting a floor finish that would be both practical and compatible with the heating and cooling floor grilles. However, the team was able to overcome this design challenge.

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