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Towers Business Park






3,800 sqft




Project Overview


CBRE appointed Standing Space to upgrade and enhance 5 different reception areas located throughout Towers Business Park, with the aim of bringing the outside in. Our design approach focused on complementing the existing finishes while incorporating biophilia, which involves integrating greenery and plants in the workspace. To achieve this, we designed large moss walls with initial letters and LED lighting to help differentiate the buildings on Towers Business Park. In addition, feature lighting and soft seating were added to provide a welcoming atmosphere in the commercial spaces. Thoughtful space planning and interior design can truly revitalise reception areas.


Building History

CBRE acted as agents for the property owners. The buildings were constructed after the year 2000.

Brand History 

CBRE is a national team of property experts.

Services Provided 

  • Space Planning 

  • Design Concepts 

  • Signage Proposals

Design Challenges 

The challenge was to design each space individually while maintaining a sense of coherence. The colour palette and signage helped create a consistent identity throughout the business park.

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