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JF Renshaw


JF Renshaw Ltd


Workplace / Food Production


3700 sqft




Project Overview

Standing Space was previously approached by Renshaw to determine the best way to use their building stock for various functions. We provided space planning services for this food industry project.


After a few years, Renshaw got in touch again, having sold one of their buildings and needing to relocate all the functions and facilities to the main site in Crown Street, Liverpool. Our team designed key facilities such as a test kitchen, marketing suite, and boardroom. Since this was a food manufacturing business, the design proposals had to meet the highest hygiene standards. We incorporated the branding and wall images from the old site to ensure consistency.


The color scheme was also a crucial aspect of the design proposals, reflecting Renshaw's multi-colored icing products and the beautiful cakes produced using their ingredients. Overall, this was an excellent commercial design project for the food industry company.

Building History

The space was converted from a redundant space on the ground floor of an occupied "90s" era office to create a product testing kitchen, along with several other spaces such as a customer-facing boardroom, a demonstration studio, a meeting room, a reception area, and remodelled toilets.

Brand History 

Established in the early 1900s, the company has consistently set the benchmark for quality and innovation. From its humble beginnings as a small family-owned business, J.F. Renshaw has grown into a global leader in the industry. 

Services Provided 

  • Concept to Completion

  • Design Lead

  • Project Management 

  • Contract Documentation for Design and Build 

  • Contract Administration

  • Client Project Management

  • Principle Designer 

Design Challenges 

We had to ensure the space was not only efficient but also compliant with food safety standards and regulations. The need for a seamless flow from ingredient storage to production, while maintaining strict hygiene protocols, demanded meticulous planning. Furthermore, accommodating the diverse needs of our product range, from baking ingredients to confectionery supplies, meant creating adaptable workstations and storage solutions.

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