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1,400 sqft


Stockton Heath

Project Overview


Standing Space was approached by MJAY'S, a milkshake, waffle, and dessert house. After the food business had become successful, the owners wanted to remodel the premises. They planned to increase the seating and dining area on the first floor while revitalising the sweet emporium on the ground floor. To maintain the strong black and red colour theme, we redesigned the first floor to offer dedicated party spaces. We created bespoke seating booths and stand-alone seating with tables. The ground floor was optimised to maximise shelving in the sweet emporium, thereby creating space for new lines and a striking new counter.


To complete the renovation, we detailed the LVT flooring in grey with red feature square inserts. We added feature lighting throughout the premises to give it a stand-out sparkle.


Building History

The ground floor used to be a sweet shop and the first floor was converted into an American ice cream parlour before MJAY'S.

Brand History 

MJAY'S originally started up as an ice-cream parlour. 

Services Provided 

  • Dimensional Survey

  • Design Concepts for prep areas, staff space and toilets

  • Advice during Fit-Out 

Design Challenges 

The small space required creative space planning to meet different criteria's for the desert house, and the old ceiling needed replacement.

Client Testimonial 

"Working with standing space has been a pleasure. Nothing we asked for was too much trouble and they really did enable us to get our vision on paper and produced some fantastic drawings and plans. They have a very good understanding of what we wanted to achieve - from the big picture down to small details. We would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Michael Lee

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