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BANC Media 


BANC Media




6,600 sqft



Project Overview


BANC were feeling pretty down about losing their top-floor view overlooking Trafford Cricket Ground, to being relocated into a larger suite on the ground floor. Taking advantage of their new space and its potential allowed Standing Space to provide a fresh layout tailored to their relaxed style. The mixture of furniture from their earlier office and their carefully chosen additions of a stormtrooper and other objects have resulted in a standout and individual interior to remember. 

It just goes to show how amazing you can make your workspace with great commercial interior design - even on the ground floor.

Brand History 

BANC was first founded in 2009 by co directors Martin and Neil, with a vision for big ideas and a work/life balance that keeps everyone at the top of their game.

Services Provided 

  • Space Planning 

  • Design Concepts

  • 3D Design Proposals

  • Construction Drawing Pack 

  • Tender

Design Challenges 

The interior design team encountered a series of unique challenges while crafting the workspace for BANC in Manchester. One of the key hurdles was optimising the utilisation of the available space, ensuring a balance between open collaborative areas and private workspaces to cater to diverse work styles. Incorporating BANC's branding and culture into the design was also a priority. We had to focus on creating an environment that fostered creativity and productivity while keeping the aesthetic in line with Manchester's vibrant urban vibe. Overcoming these challenges required a keen eye for detail, innovative space planning, and a deep understanding of BANC's values and vision.

Client Testimonial 

"Lovely, talented lady who designed our office space."

Neil Birchall- Operations Director

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